Co-Star Role Audition Tips

So you want to book a co-star role?

First things first, what is a co-star? A Co-star is a small speaking role that typically is only in one episode and usually interacts with the series regular or recurring characters on the show to move the story along. Co-star auditions can be considered the hardest auditions to book. Why? There’s not a whole lot to them! So what’s the key to getting these jobs? Simplicity. Actors are always taught to find their “objective” in the scene and to create an entire backstory to help develop the character. While those are helpful and necessary for most auditions, with co-stars, the main purpose of the character is to help move the story along and to not distract. Of course you still have an opinion and make choices, but remember that if you’re there to be the waiter in the scene, just be the waiter. Catapult coach + teacher Atkins Estimond is here to give you some tips that he used when he auditioned for a co-star role on The Resident. Spoiler alert: these tips helped him book the job!


Atkins’ credits include: FOX’s The Resident, AMC’s Lodge 49, Hap and Leonard, Love Is_, How To Get Away With Murder, and more. He can also be seen in films including SuperFly and An Actor Prepares. Atkins teaches the On-Camera Baseline Youth Acting class at Catapult. Visit our classes page for more info.

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