Professional acting training in a safe, motivating environment for students of all levels, ages 4-17!

youth acting classes for tv+film

Whether your child is new to the TV+Film industry and considering a new interest in acting, a professional working young actor, or curious about behind the camera work, we have a class for you! Our track-based curriculum of expertly-designed classes and electives will help students of any age nurture their craft and learn all about the TV+Film industry.  We are proud to motivate and educate all actors in a safe, open environment where confidence is built and dreams are realized.

Explore all of our youth classes below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 404-500-7897 or schedule a free 15 minute tour to check out our space and chat in person!


Intro TV+Film
8 week classes

While most of our youth classes are 16 weeks long (a full semester), these Intro classes are 8 weeks long, designed for kids who want to learn what TV/Film is all about and are not sure they’re ready to commit to a full semester (16 week) class. If they love it, the class is designed to be repeated for the next session to prepare them for the next level. Some kids skip Intro all together and jump right into Baseline if they are ready for the 16 week commitment. This decision is up to you, and we are more than happy to talk with you to help you decide the best starting place for your child.

Level 1 | Beginner

On-Camera Baseline
16 week classes

Our beginner track class is called On-Camera Baseline, and this class is a pre-requisite for the majority of our youth programming, ages 9-17. These classes start our full semester (16 week) curriculum. Many kids will take Baseline for a full year, some will move to Intermediate after the first semester. 

Level 2 | Intermediate

On-Camera Intermediate
16 week classes

Our intermediate track class is called On-Camera Intermediate. This class and our Intermediate-level electives are for actors becoming more serious about their craft. They are ready to explore all facets of the industry, including being responsible for additional homework assignments. Electives that have On-Camera Baseline as a prerequisite are L2+ classes. These classes are by recommendation or have proven, prior experience outside of Catapult. It is very common for young actors to be at Catapult’s Intermediate level for 1+ years, depending on dedication and personal growth. We refresh all track and elective classes each semester with new material ensuring the learning is strong and growth is a focus for everyone, regardless how many times your actor has taken any Level 2 classes.

Level 3 | Advanced

On-Camera Advanced + Audition Technique
16 week classes

After completing On-Camera Intermediate, and with your coach’s or agent/manager’s recommendation and sometimes an audition process, we welcome young actors into our Advanced classes. All advanced track and elective classes are refreshed each semester, and are designed to be taken “on-going.” These classes require a strong dedication to growing as a young actor, and typically have 2+ hrs of homework each week. Kids in these classes are on a professional path, most having representation or goals to gain representation.

Level 4 | Professional

Erik Lingvall's Circuit Acting
16 week classes

Our Level 4 classes are currently reserved for actors actively or seriously interested in pursuing a professional career in acting. Circuit Acting, the signature course created by Catapult founder Erik Lingvall, makes every attempt to remove “performing” from the acting room. Through innovative exercises and lectures, this course challenges actors to use the circuitry in their brain to develop valuable habits while simultaneously breaking down mental and emotional barriers that prevent them from their most honest on-camera work. This is a professional level class from the perspective of how much students will be pushed week-in and week-out. This class is refreshed each semester and designed to be taken on-going.


Comedy for Kids | TV + Film 360 | and more
16 week classes

We have new electives for our youth clients at all ages and levels! Click below to explore. L1+ (Level 1+) means the class is for all levels including beginners. If the class is L2+, that means the class has On-Camera Baseline as a prerequisite. L3+ means On-Camera Intermediate is a prerequisite.


Confidence in Public Speaking | TV+Film 360
16 week classes

So many kids in Atlanta are either homeschooled or attend hybrid schools with a shortened weekly schedule. We are proud to offer several classes earlier in the day that tend to be a better fit for these families. In the upcoming Spring 2024 Semester we have two new offerings for actors and non-actors alike. Confidence in Public Speaking and TV+Film 360 are two newly created classes that are uniquely designed for 5th-12th grade students. Click below to learn more about these class offerings.  Elective credit for 9th-12th graders may be applicable.

Online Classes

Grow your skills over Zoom!
16 week classes

While current focus is primarily on our in-person class experience, we do value our clients outside of Atlanta. In addition to online coaching opportunities, you can click below to see what online classes we are offering at this time. 

Our Curriculum, Explained

This page was written for those of you who want a more detailed explanation of how our track program works. If you ever have questions about your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 404-500-7897 or schedule a free 15 minute tour to meet up with us in person. You can also fill out our contact us form and we will be in touch. We are happy to help you navigate getting started in the exciting world of TV+Film.

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