On-camera acting training in a fun, safe, motivating environment for students of all levels, ages 4-17!

youth acting classes for tv+film

Whether your child is considering a new interest in TV+Film acting or is already a professional working actor, consistent training is a must! Our core and elective classes will help students of any age and level nurture their craft and build a path in the TV+Film industry.  Catapult’s Conservatory Program is reserved for serious actors (developmental or advanced level) who are ready for an unprecedented on-camera acting training experience.

If you have any questions about what class would be the best fit based on your current experience, please call us at 404-500-7897 or schedule a free 15 minute tour to check out our space and chat in person!

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Intro TV+Film
8 week class - starting mid-Semester

While most of our youth classes are 16 weeks long (a full semester), these Intro classes are 8 weeks long, designed for kids who want to learn what TV/Film is all about and were not able to get into our full semester (16 week) Baseline class.

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Level 1 | Beginner

On-Camera Baseline
16 weeks - One Semester Commitment

Our beginner class in our core curriculum is called On-Camera Baseline. Baseline is the perfect foundation for any actor looking to learn and grow their TV + Film acting craft. This class fulfills the prerequisite for almost all of our youth programming, ages 9-17. Baseline is 16 weeks (one semester) long, and many kids will take Baseline for two semesters. Kids that show a strong level of dedication, work effort and growth will move to Intermediate after the first semester. 

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Level 2 | Intermediate

On-Camera Intermediate
16 weeks - One Semester Commitment

Our intermediate track class is called On-Camera Intermediate. This class and our Intermediate-level electives are for actors becoming more serious about their craft. They are ready to explore all facets of the industry, including being responsible for additional homework assignments. Electives that have On-Camera Baseline as a prerequisite are L2+ classes. These classes are by recommendation or have proven, prior experience outside of Catapult. It is very common for young actors to be at Catapult’s Intermediate level for 1+ years, depending on dedication and personal growth. We refresh all track and elective classes each semester with new material ensuring the learning is strong and growth is a focus for everyone, regardless how many times your actor has taken any Level 2 classes.

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Level 3 | Advanced

Audition Technique
16 weeks - One Semester Commitment

After On-Camera Intermediate, with coach’s recommendation, we welcome young actors into our advanced, pre-professional class, Audition Technique. This class is designed to be taken “on-going” and acceptance requires a strong dedication to growing as a young actor. Typically 2 hrs of homework can be expected each week.

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Youth, Teens + Young Adults
Professional Training for the Serious Actor

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Grow your skills over Zoom!
Online | Virtual

While Catapult’s current focus is primarily on our in-person class experience, we do love our clients outside of Atlanta who cannot make it in studio on a weekly basis. In addition to online coaching opportunities, you can click below to see what online class(es) we are currently offering. 

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Our Curriculum, Explained

For those of you who want a more detailed explanation of Catapult’s curriculm, this page is for you. If you ever have questions about your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 404-500-7897 or schedule a free 15 minute tour to meet up with us in person. You can also fill out our contact us form and we will be in touch. We are happy to help you navigate getting started in the exciting world of TV+Film.

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