Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone BY ERIK LINGVALL | DECEMBER 16, 2021 Dear Catapult Family,   Well, here we are again. Nearing the end of one rotation…and on the precipice of another. There’s no denying things have been as weird and wacky as ever. I’m not sure there’s been a time in my life, […]

3 Steps to Help You Break More Rules in 2021

3 Steps to Help You Break More Rules in 2021 BY ERIK LINGVALL | NOVEMBER 12, 2021 3:00 PM Originally posted to Photo Source: Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash Dacre Montgomery’s audition for “Stranger Things” recently caught fire on the internet. I had many clients bring it up, saying things like, “It was crazy!” or “It’s unlike […]


PILOT PREP-WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR YOU? Pilot season. You’ve heard the term. But what does it actually mean for you and your acting journey? It’s a great time for actors to get cast in an upcoming series. But when is pilot season? When should you be prepared? What is more important – network or […]

Commercial Auditions During Quarantine

What’s going on with commercials? It’s no secret that social distancing has turned everything upside down, especially with all auditions having to be filmed at home. But how is the pandemic impacting the world of commercials? We’ve all seen the ads that are addressing Covid-19 and the way their company (Facebook and Walmart, for example) […]

Audition Update For Actors

What can actors do? Everyone is wondering what is happening in the film industry right now and when productions will be back in full swing. We recently hosted our Audition Update webinar to dive more into this speculation. Our special guests included casting directors Erica Arvold + Jami Rudofsky, and agents Jaron Matthews with J […]

The Similarities + Differences Between Booking a Commercial or TV Role

The Similarities + Differences Between Booking a Commercial or TV Role BY ERIK LINGVALL | MAY 27, 2020 *Originally posted to Q: What are the major differences between casting and booking for commercials versus television shows? —@LittleButFierce* As an acting coach, I’m an amalgam of all the perspectives I’ve acquired over the years. That’s also the case with this […]

Open Casting Calls

Wait…Auditions Are Still Happening?! That’s right! Despite the challenges of social distancing, Casting Directors are currently gearing up for future projects once productions are back in full force. Open casting calls are a hot topic now more than ever. They provide the casting team a current audition tape of actors they can use to reference […]

Artistry Has No Limits

DON’T PUT YOURSELF IN A BOX We’ve all heard the phrase “think outside of the box” but have you ever thought about how you can be put into a box as an actor? An actor should always feel as if they have no limits to what they can create + to take risks, regardless of […]

Tips for Guest Star Auditions

What is a “guest star”? A guest star is a role that is just above a co-star or “under 5”. Aside from a Series Regular, these are the roles that actors are mainly wanting to book. Not only are actors paid by a weekly rate but guest stars have a higher percentage of coming back […]

Monologues & Scenes: Picking the Right One

How do you choose?? So you’ve signed up for a workshop and one of the requirements is to provide your own scene or monologue. Where do you start? Many actors will have a few if not more pieces of material to showcase in their portfolio, ready to perform at any given time for the sake […]