Catapult Acting was founded in 2014 to provide actors with the professional-level training, tools and resources fundamentally necessary to achieve significant success as an actor in TV/Film. In a short few years, Catapult transitioned into a two story 3200 sq-ft studio fully equipped with three sound insulated studio rooms, open-air work space, kitchen, lounge, classrooms and more. Catapult offers a wide variety of services for actors of all ages that includes audition taping/coaching, one-on-one private coaching, industry consultations, weekly classes, workshops, intensives, camps, headshots, demo reel editing, and more.

Catapult’s core mission is to connect talent with the right people and the right path. Founded on integrity and authenticity, Catapult will always put people before profit and continually strive for excellence. The primary goal is to help clients develop their craft, understand the industry, and position themselves for success.



Without exception, consistent training is the foundation of every successful acting career. When opportunity presents itself, a commitment to consistent training best prepares actors to deliver their most truthful work. Without that training, an actor cannot be completely prepared. Mastering the craft is the first step to becoming a successful actor, and if it’s overlooked, success becomes exponentially harder to achieve. Catapult provides a variety of workshops, classes, coachings, and camps to train and develop craft at a professional level within the TV/Film industry.



All too often, incredibly talented actors are overlooked because they don’t understand the business of Show Business. Being a good actor simply isn’t enough: an actor must understand that their acting career is a business and must be run as such. Understanding where and how they fit in this industry is a requirement. Whether it’s understanding industry perspectives, learning to leverage resources, or developing a brand, Catapult aims to arm actors with the tools and insight they need to navigate the entertainment industry to put themselves in the best position to succeed.



Once an actor has been training consistently and understands how to navigate the entertainment industry, executing a marketable business strategy is essential. Catapult equips actors with the necessary tools to develop and masterfully establish themselves as a key player in TV/Film acting. Once an actor establishes their positioning, Catapult helps execute that plan by connecting talent with respected industry professionals, working collaboratively to implement new marketing materials on essential actor websites, and taking action steps toward reaching the measurable goals Catapult and the client have set. From LA Pro Workshops to Private Industry Consultations, Catapult gives talent the tools, training, and know-how needed to launch themselves toward a successful career path in the entertainment industry.


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