Our core values

Catapult strives to live these 8 core values everyday!


Our bar is excellence. We will never settle for good enough. Interwoven within every program we create, every correspondence, and every choice we make at Catapult is the commitment to go above and beyond the expected.


Our community will be strong within our organization, allowing us to strengthen the communities we connect with. We will consider the collaborative effect on the Catapult Community when making decisions, ensuring that our personal choices are bettering the whole.


Energy is everything. The energy we create at Catapult will be uplifting and inspiring. We understand that the energy each individual brings to the studio is contagious. We will be aware of our energy and make a conscious choice to always shift in a direction of positivity.


Regardless of color or creed, status or skill level, every person we encounter at Catapult will be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We will listen to new ideas, empathize with our tribe, create an establishment where our differences are embraced, and consistently strengthen an environment of humility and authentic connection.


We believe the freedom to play is essential to a creative work environment. We believe in letting go and having fun, and enjoying the process as much as the product.


We will approach every challenge with a solution-based mindset. We believe mistakes are inevitable, yet essential to our growth. We will embrace our missteps, hold ourselves accountable, and utilize the energy of our challenges to progress.


Trust is the most important element to our establishment. We will earn and retain the trust of Catapult colleagues, and every human who represents or encounters the Catapult brand.


We foster an environment where actors are encouraged to embrace their unique selves and connect with their work on a profoundly real level, providing a space where honesty in performance is deeply rooted in genuine emotion and true character interpretation.


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