Adult Acting Classes

Professional training for Adult actors at all levels

Track Classes and Electives for Adults

Whether you are new to TV+Film or a professional working actor, we have a class for you! Our track-based curriculum of expertly designed classes and electives will help you nurture your craft and teach you all about the TV+Film industry. Guidance you can trust in this business is a value we do not take lightly. We are proud to motivate and educate all actors in a safe, open environment where confidence is built and dreams are realized.

All Adult Classes are 8 weeks long, with 4 (sometimes 5) sessions each year. Two in the Spring Semester, generally Session 1 (S1) is January-March and Session 2 (S2) is March-May. Sometimes we host summer classes (S3). Then we have two sessions in the Fall Semester, Session 4 (S4) August-October and (S5) October-December.

Level 1 | Beginner

On-Camera Baseline

On-Camera Baseline is our beginner level acting class for Adults. This is a prerequisite for most of our other classes and is the best place to start as a new actor. Click below for details.

Level 2 | Intermediate

On-Camera Intermediate

On-Camera Intermediate is our next level acting class for Adults. Students must take On-Camera Baseline or equivalent to be admitted into this class. Click below for details.

Level 3 | Advanced

On-Camera Advanced | Audition Technique

After completing On-Camera Intermediate, and with your coach’s recommendation or outside referrals, we welcome Adult actors into our Advanced classes. All advanced classes are refreshed each semester, and are designed to be taken “on-going.” These classes require a strong dedication and typically have 2+ hrs of homework each week. 

electives for adults

Adult Electives

Please explore the current elective class offerings for Adults including Secrets of the Working Actor, Scene Study, Chubbuck Technique, Audition Technique and a Voiceover class. If a class is L1+ there is no prerequisite. If it is a L2+ class, Adult On-Camera Baseline is a prerequisite, L3+ On-Camera Intermediate is a prerequisite. NEW CLASS for Non-Actors also, Acting for Non-Actors taught by Catapult founder, Erik Lingvall (actors welcome too)!

Online Classes

Adult Audition Technique

Catapult has been conducting virtual classes successfully since the beginning of the pandemic. While our current focus is primarily on our in-person class experiences, we do value our clients outside of Atlanta, and in addition to Virtual Coaching opportunities, you can click below to see what Online Classes we are offering in the upcoming session.

Voiceover Class

Voiceover Acting + The Business of VO

Voiceover IS acting, except VO only uses the voice in the final product. However, the rest of what you learn in acting classes remains intact – even if the only physical tool that is heard is the voice.

Join seasoned voice-actor Alyson Steel for eight weeks of all things voiceover! In this online course, Alyson will cover the fundamentals of the voice over business.  She’ll discuss various genres of VO, what you need for a remote setup, mic techniques, union vs. non-union, VO earning potential and more! This class is conducted virtually!