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Atkins Estimond

Atkins Estimond was born in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, and discovered his love for acting in theatre. After graduating high school, he transitioned to tv/film and briefly studied at the University of North Georgia as part of the Gainesville Theatre Alliance before acting full time here in Atlanta. Atkins has found great success in his career, and can be seen on shows such as FOX’s The Resident, AMC’s Lodge 49, Hap and Leonard, Love Is, How To Get Away With Murder and more. He can also be seen in films including SuperFly and An Actor Prepares. Atkins is passionate about improv and sketch comedy, and can be seen in shows at Village Theatre and Dad’s Garage. Atkins is also fluent in Haitian Creole.

*AtkinS is currently unavailable shooting a project out of state.