Owning Your Space

Either you take the room, or the room takes you

Nerves. They’re inevitable. Doesn’t matter how long an actor has been in the business or how many times they may have auditioned, nerves will always be around, no matter what. What will set an actor apart though from everyone else that’s auditioning and nervous, is how they can channel those nerves and overcome them in the room. How do you make that room your own? How do you get past the nerves and show your confident, talented self? Catapult coach Erik Lingvall is here to give advice on how to own your space in the room, and to give tips for getting your mind in a healthy space before walking through those audition doors. Time to take down those nerves and think, “I got this!”


Erik will be hosting our FREE Parent Seminar: How to Launch Your Child’s Career in TV/Film–coming August 6th!

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More Acting Tips from Erik + the Catapult Crew coming soon.


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