Let’s Talk About Slates

Do I have to practice my slate?

The answer is YES you do! Since most auditions are now self-tape submissions, actors need to think of their slate as their first impression with the casting director. Those first few seconds should grab their attention and show the casting director, producer, or director a glimpse of who you are as an actor. Think of the character and genre of the project you’re going in for. Is it comedic, dramatic, Disney? Keep in mind the tone of whatever it is you’re auditing for, then bring a hint of that to your slate. If it’s comedic, have more energy! If it’s dramatic, try being more real or serious. Needing some more ideas? Catapult coach Erik Lingvall is here to give you some tips to keep in mind when working on your slates!


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More Acting Tips from Erik + the Catapult Crew coming soon.


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