Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone BY ERIK LINGVALL | DECEMBER 16, 2021 Dear Catapult Family,   Well, here we are again. Nearing the end of one rotation…and on the precipice of another. There’s no denying things have been as weird and wacky as ever. I’m not sure there’s been a time in my life, […]

3 Steps to Help You Break More Rules in 2021

3 Steps to Help You Break More Rules in 2021 BY ERIK LINGVALL | NOVEMBER 12, 2021 3:00 PM Originally posted to Photo Source: Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash Dacre Montgomery’s audition for “Stranger Things” recently caught fire on the internet. I had many clients bring it up, saying things like, “It was crazy!” or “It’s unlike […]

Audition Update For Actors

What can actors do? Everyone is wondering what is happening in the film industry right now and when productions will be back in full swing. We recently hosted our Audition Update webinar to dive more into this speculation. Our special guests included casting directors Erica Arvold + Jami Rudofsky, and agents Jaron Matthews with J […]

Let’s Get Intentional Virtual Forum

FREE Weekly Virtual Series: Week 3 This week’s webinar discussion revolved around diving deeper into ourselves and focusing on our intentions during this chaotic time. Erik Lingvall was joined by a panel of experts in their fields who gave encouragement for the mind, body, & spirit during this current climate. Panelists included life coach + […]

Virtual TV/Film Community Forum Recap

FREE Weekly Virtual Series: Week 1 Social distancing has caused all of us to alter our way of living in a multitude of capacities. From figuring out ways to fill the day with activities, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and, above all else, taking precautionary measures to stay safe. At Catapult, we’ve also been adjusting to […]

Virtual Parent Seminar Recap

FREE Weekly Virtual Series: Week 2 In this week’s free virtual webinar series, we had guests that gave insight from the perspectives of a talent manager, a young successful actor, and the parent of said actor, during this time when most productions are being caused to pause filming + social distance. Will Buie from Disney […]

Tips for Guest Star Auditions

What is a “guest star”? A guest star is a role that is just above a co-star or “under 5”. Aside from a Series Regular, these are the roles that actors are mainly wanting to book. Not only are actors paid by a weekly rate but guest stars have a higher percentage of coming back […]

Building a Backstory: Script Analysis Part 4: The Author

Who is the Author? It’s time to get inside the writer’s head. Where did they come from? What inspirations impacted their writing? What other pieces or scripts have they written? Having a clear understanding of who the author is ties the whole bow together of what they’re trying to fully express in their script and […]

Building a Backstory Part 3: Character Realities

What is your character’s world like? Catapult coach, Joe Massingill, is back with the third step in the Script Analysis process when building a concrete backstory. Now that the themes are solidified, and you’ve asked the necessary questions about the piece, it’s time to identify the socioeconomic, geographic, and political realities your character faces in […]

Building a Backstory Part 2: Asking the Questions

Ready to become a detective? Now that you’ve identified the themes of the piece, it’s time to start asking the necessary questions. We know that themes help identify what the writer is trying to say overall in the story, now the next task is trying to figure out what exactly it is that the writer is […]