How to Become an Actor in Atlanta

How to Become an Actor in Atlanta

Looking to become an actor in Atlanta? Here’s the good news…there are many different routes you can take to achieve success as an actor in Atlanta. Here’s the bad news…all of them are going to take a lot of work. I know work takes a lot of, well, work, but there’s no way around it. […]

Monologues & Scenes: Picking the Right One

So you’ve signed up for a workshop and one of the requirements is to provide your own scene or monologue. Where do you start? Many actors will have a few if not more pieces of material to showcase in their portfolio, ready to perform at any given time for the sake of workshops or classes. […]

Either you take the room, or the room takes you

Nerves. They’re inevitable. Doesn’t matter how long an actor has been in the business or how many times they may have auditioned, nerves will always be around, no matter what. What will set an actor apart though from everyone else that’s auditioning and nervous, is how they can channel those nerves and overcome them in […]

Building a Backstory: The Author

Who is the author? It’s time to get inside the writer’s head. Where did they come from? What inspirations impacted their writing? What other pieces or scripts have they written? Having a clear understanding of who the author is ties the whole bow together of what they’re trying to fully express in their script and […]

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