Georgia Lingvall

Georgia Lingvall

Georgia Lingvall is a 6 1/2 year old mix of all things good & sweet in the world. She lives in Roswell, GA with her human family and spends her days at Catapult entertaining the actors and guests who come to the studio.

Georgia is a health conscious pup and eats only the best organically sourced food to keep that smile white and coat shiny!  She is always ready for a headshot or Instagram story appearance! Georgia has learned from the best and is a confident girl!

She is not shy about showing off her own talents and will perform “circus dog” and “sit” or “lay down” on command or for a special treat.  Thankfully she is not lactose intolerant because her favorite food is cheese.

Georgia is adored by her many fans that come in and out of Catapult daily. She loves to play, especially with a sock or a squeaky toy, and sometimes gets a big case of the zoomies! (bio written by Catapult student, and Georgia superfan, Sofia S.)


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