Arhley Brazoban

Arhley Brazoban

Having lived in various different states all over the country, experience is something Arhley has been able to accumulate plenty of. Originally an east-coaster born in New York and raised in New Jersey, the arts have always surrounded Arhley. It only took 3 years until he found the passion for acting and after his first role on stage he has studied and pursued the craft with great enthusiasm. Said passion has led him to study and graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, and participate in projects in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. These projects include Face Mask, where he was nominated for best acting performance in the Georgia Comedy Film Festival (2023) and  STARZ’s Minx. Arhley has also appeared in various different commercials for brands such as Geico, Hidden Valley Ranch, and Secret.  Arhley credits his warm, “never too afraid to look silly” energy and commitment for his success and growth. Oh and he’s also fluent in Spanish!


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