Many actors are looking for the magic bullet that will help them land roles. While there may not be one definitive acting method that guarantees bookings, there are techniques that can be applied, no matter what your training background is, that will help you connect with your scene partner and deliver compelling performances. That is exactly what John will be teaching in his class “The Active Interrogation”. The class is dedicated to forcing actors to get out of their heads so they don’t plan ahead or overthink what comes next.

A note from John about the class…

“After many years of coaching actors for television and film, I am CONVINCED that ACTIVE INTERROGATION is the most essential tool I can offer an actor to help them deliver POWERFUL and DYNAMIC AUDITIONS. Every actor hears that great acting happens “in the moment.” That’s how we live our lives. Yet, living in the moment as an actor becomes the most challenging thing they can do because far too often, they’re far too pre-occupied with knowing their next line or creating a pre-determined idea of what should happen in the future of the story. Does the character know there’s a “next line?” Do humans know what will happen in the next moment? The is answer is “no” to both. Active Interrogation creates a map of “moments” that logically lead to your next line. I look forward to teaching you how to become a much more compelling actor and to start booking faster.”

Registration for The Active Interrogation and John’s other classes can be found by clicking the link below! Can’t wait to see you there!



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