• VIRTUAL | Spring Break Workshop Series

    This collection of VIRTUAL, low-cost workshops brings each of the Catapult instructors to the comfort of your own home! This “Spring Break” series begins Monday April 6th and ends Sunday April 12th, with two workshops each day. Workshops range from mindest work with Catapult Acting founder Erik Lingvall, to scene study to content creation! These workshops, held via ZOOM, can be purchased individually or in a “flight” package of all seven workshops! 

    dateS: April 6-12 

    ages:8 – 17

    INVESTMENT:$25 each workshop  | Flight package: $125 for 7 workshops

    Duration: 2 hours each   


    TIME:2 times available each day: 11:30-1:30PM or 2-4PM

    REGISTRATION:Register for an individual workshop for $25 or the “flight“, which includes all seven for $125. Choose between 11:30 or 2pm start time. Having trouble registering? Please reach out to info@catapultacting.com.


    11:30-1:30PM “FLIGHT”   (SOLD OUT) 2PM-4PM “FLIGHT”

  • Meet your coaches:





  • MONDAY | Mastering Your Mindset w/ Erik Lingvall

    • INSTRUCTOR: Erik Lingvall
    • Ages: 8-17
    • Monday, April 6: 11:30am | 2pm

    Catapult Acting Founder Erik Lingvall is dedicated to making better people, as well as better actors. Erik has worked with thousands of actors (and many non-actors) over the last 20 years, and has found one common thread with the best of them: they are able to walk into a room, and confidently and consistently express their most vulnerable and authentic self when it matters the most. Through exercises and lectures, actors will learn to embrace their uniqueness, understand the value of connection, and walk confidently with a strong, positive mentality.

    11:30-1:30 (SOLD OUT)     2PM-4PM (SOLD OUT)

  • TUESDAY | Producing for Actors w/ Vivi Chavez

    • INSTRUCTOR: Vivi Chavez
    • Ages: 8-17
    • Tuesday, April 7: 11:30am | 2pm

    Have you ever wanted to be the lead in your own project but weren’t sure how to get started? Work with Vivi to discover what goes into getting a project off the ground. From script to screen, you will get a step-by-step process of how to produce your own content, so that you can get started on bringing that vision to life!

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (3 SPOTS AVAIL)

  • Wednesday | Casting Corner w/ Carole Kaboya

    • INSTRUCTOR: Carole Kaboya
    • Ages: 8-17
    • Wednesday, April 8: 11:30am | 2pm

    Ever wonder how actors actually get hired? From the audition room to working on set, Catapult Coach and Casting Associate Carole Kaboya goes over the ABCs of casting: Auditions, Business, and Confidence. Join us for this online workshop to learn the do’s and don’ts of auditioning, what to expect in the room, and tips on building up confidence on and off camera.

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (SOLD OUT)

  • Thursday | COMEDY w/ JULIA JONES

    • Ages: 8-17
    • Thursday, April 9 : 11:30am | 2pm

    Ever received an audition from Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix that asked for original comedic characters? Original stand up or a comedic monologue? Celebrity or character impressions/impersonations? Well now is your chance to develop good, original content and be prepared for those future auditions. In this two hour workshop we will focus on how to write an original sketch, how to develop jokes, and how to maximize your talent through your character work.

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (SOLD OUT)


    • Ages: 8-17
    • Friday, April 10: 11:30am | 2pm

    Being human is a full body, heart, and soul experience. So why does that sometimes disappear when we are on camera? Lack of connection, of course! In this two hour workshop, we will focus on getting out of our heads and into our hearts to create a more organic, authentic experience on camera. This will come through a series of physical and vocal exercises meant to engage the actor on a more visceral level to maximize their connection with the material, their scene partners, and the world they’ve created around them. 

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (2 SPOTS AVAIL)

  • Saturday | Scene Study w/ Dexter Masland

    • INSTRUCTOR: Dexter Masland
    • Ages: 8-17
    • Saturday, April 11: 11:30am | 2pm

    Catapult Instructor Dexter Masland’s acting method centers on one basic truth: it is the actor’s job to think the character’s thoughts from action to cut. In this online workshop, he will provide the tools necessary to dive deeper into the perspective of the character through in-depth script analysis and imagination exercises. Students will learn how to use the text and their imagination to create vivid backstories and develop authentic character relationships.

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (3 SPOTS AVAIL)

  • Sunday | Creating the Character w/ Joe Massingill 

    • INSTRUCTOR: Joe Massingill 
    • Ages: 8-17
    • Sunday, April 12: 11:30am | 2pm

    In this two-hour intensive, Joe Massingill guides actors through the process of creating a compelling, three-dimensional character. Actors will have the opportunity to dive deep into the mind and life of their role by creating a specific backstory that fuels their action within the scene. Joe will also educate students on various acting theories and methods, giving them a foundational knowledge of the craft of modern acting.

    11:30-1:30PM    2PM-4PM (ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT)

  • check back here often for our most up to date virtual offerings.



    Catapult Acting, LLC has a 24 hour grace period in which clients can cancel their registration and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, a 10% cancellation fee will apply to all registrations. If the client chooses to cancel 15-21 days before the event, a 50% refund will be issued. If the registration is cancelled within 14 days of the event, 100% of the payment will be forfeited. There are no refunds for missed or dropped classes.


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