Tips for Guest Star Auditions

What is a “guest star”?

A guest star is a role that is just above a co-star or “under 5”. Aside from a Series Regular, these are the roles that actors are mainly wanting to book. Not only are actors paid by a weekly rate but guest stars have a higher percentage of coming back in further episodes, or being considered as recurring. So what are some key points to remember when auditioning for these sought-after roles?

  • Know the story

Before you even start working on the audition, make sure you understand the show and what is going on plot-wise. It’s important to be as much aware of the storyline as possible, so then you as the actor can know how your character comes into play.

  • Rehearse

Fully rehearse. Get the actions in your body + act as if you are about to film it on the set. This is where an actor can fully play around with the execution of the scene and figure out what works/doesn’t work.

Catapult coach, Joe Massingill, is back to go into more detail on these two key auditioning tips + give you more insight to guest star auditions!


Did you know that Joe isn’t only an instructor but also a film maker? In his On-Camera: Intermediate class, the students’ final project is to put together + shoot a short film! Interested in being a part of the next one? Click HERE!


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More Acting Tips from Erik + the Catapult Crew coming soon.



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