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Chris Arias

For 20+ years, Chris has done voice & audio post production for broadcast clients ranging from CNN and HGTV to Focus on the Family, In Touch Ministries, Chevrolet, AT&T and Cartoon Network. Whether he’s delivering information clearly, punching your product in a promo or sitting on the sprawling veranda of a southern plantation calling for Belvedere, he’s had a thrilling ride giving voice and personality to characters, campaigns & products on television and radio. His formal education began as a Chemical Engineering major at GA Tech. He fell in love with music sophomore year & began pursuing a career as a television composer. One thing led to another & before long he was offering voice & effects work as part of his creative menu. He then eventually transferred from Tech to Real World University’s Hard Knox School of Broadcasting.  He’s contributed to projects that have gone on to win Telly, Addy & Emmy awards.