• INSTRUCTOR: Carole Kaboya
  • SESSIONS: Youth, Teen, Adult
  • LOCATION: Zoom
  • TIER 1: Ended
  • TIER 2: May 7-May 8
  • TIER 3: Ongoing by Appointment

virtual workshop series | Carole’s Casting Corner

A three-tier program designed to help actors refine their audition skills, expand their knowledge on the casting process, and create a truly dynamic & distinctive audition tape that will stand out to casting directors. 




TIER 1: The Audition


When you’re not in the studio, self tapes can be a daunting task to tackle on your own. You have to set up your own lights, identify eye lines, and then give your best performance having to trust your own judgement. How can you know if you’re doing it right? In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to answer that question and more when it comes to auditioning at home. Attendees will be given auditions that they will tape at home, then we will dissect each individual tape to provide the feedback and confidence needed to give your best audition tape.

The workshop WILL COVER:

– The do’s and don’ts of taping from home
– Understanding taping instructions/dissecting different instructions from various casting directors.
– Personal feedback on each individual attendee’s self-taped audition


TIER 2: The Callback


You got the callback! …now what? This workshop tackles the unconventional yet increasingly popular virtual callback. We will dive deep into each person’s audition and provide in-depth personal feedback so you walk away from the callback knowing you reached your full potential, even if you’re not physically in the room.

The workshop WILL COVER:

– How to set up virtual callbacks.
– Understanding Casting Director/Director feedback
– Real-time audition tape re-directs and coaching



This workshop capacity is limited to 12 students. If the workshop is full, we invite you to reach out the info@catapultacting.com to join the waitlist … or, register to observe + learn! Having trouble registering? Please reach out to info@catapultacting.com.

to Participate:

YOUTH | MAY 8 | 2-5PM       TEENS | MAY 7 | 2-5PM     ADULTS | MAY 8 | 6-9PM




TIER 3: The Performance ... Tape


The Performance Tape is personalized coach + tape + original content written specifically for clients. Prior to this one (1) hour session, Catapult coach Carole Kaboya will provide during a 10 minute consultation (included in this service) to work with clients to create unique scenes and/or monologues. During the session, clients will work one-on-one with Carole to produce a unique performance showcases the client’s talent.

The workshop WILL COVER:

– One hour coach + tape
– Original scene or monologue written for the client within 48 hours

Tier 3 REGISTRation: 

investment: $190, *$170 if attended tiers 1 + 2

If you are returning attendees from Tier 1+2 with a promo code, you will be qualified for a discounted price of $170 vs $190. Having trouble registering? Please reach out to info@catapultacting.com. NOTE: Please allow 48 hours after your initial consultation to receive your scene. A $25 rush fee will apply for scenes needed within 24 hours (pending availability).


Meet your instructor:

Carole Kaboya


Carole ​Kaboya ​was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo but grew up in ​metro​​​ Atlanta. ​She studied Theatre Performance and Music Business at the University of Georgia. It was there that her passion for TV and film truly developed. After graduating, Carole worked with Adult Swim on various marketing tours around the country as she continued to work as an actress. Carole’s on-camera work include appearances on Daytime Divas​ (VH1)​ and ​a recurring role on ​Cobra Kai​​ (YouTube Red).​ ​In 2013, she began her journey in the casting world and has since worked as a Casting Associate for various ​film ​and tv projects for ​Netflix, ​Sony, Warner Brothers, CBS Studios​ and many more​.  As an Actress, Casting Associate, ​Writer,​ and Photographer, ​Carole has been able to benefit from ​her experience working in front of and behind the camera. One of ​her greatest joys is being able to share that knowledge with ​her students. ​Carole is excited to provide the resources needed to expand their knowledge​ in this industry and hopes they can carry what they learn into other aspects of their lives.


Catapult Acting, LLC has a 24 hour grace period in which clients can cancel their registration and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, a 10% cancellation fee will apply to all registrations. If the client chooses to cancel 15-21 days before the event, a 50% refund will be issued. If the registration is cancelled within 14 days of the event, 100% of the payment will be forfeited. There are no refunds for missed or dropped classes.