• Instructor: Caroline Slaughter
  • AGES: Teen Girls 14 -18
  • DATE: Sep 18-20
  • TIME: 18TH: 5-9PM | 19TH+20TH: 9-5PM
  • INVESTMENT: $395
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Capacity: 16

The Future is Female Workshop | Ages:14-18

For teens the stress surrounding college admissions, social media, peer pressure and societal expectations is real. The Future is Female, a three day intensive workshop for teenage girls, acknowledges this pressure and helps participants find tools to manage it while claiming their unique voice, brand and story. 

We all lead with story, be it in a college essay, job interview or when we connect with new people, but many of us don’t know what our story is. In this workshop we’ll uncover each participant’s authentic story – the Who, What, but most importantly the Why. The why is our purpose. It cuts through the noise and provides a compass to follow.

The Future is Female will empower the individual teen by teaching her how to show up while standing out in the world. The workshop will also connect her to a supportive community of like-minded teenage girls, because one cannot thrive without tribe. 


The Future is Female WILL COVER:

• Less Force, More Flow – Navigate life with a balanced mindset.
• Uncover Your Unique Story – Discover and tell your story from a place of confidence.
• Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – Find and nurture relationships and build a supportive community.
• Conscious Social Media – Accept and own who you are and share that intention authentically with the world.
• Female Warrior – As the new generation of women on the rise discover and stand in your power. Learn how to set yourself up for success in our world’s shifting landscape.
• Removal of Seeking Approval
• Energetics meets storytelling, performance and brand.


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meet your Instructor:


Caroline Slaughter


Caroline feels a responsibility to tell the truth in her work with films that impact to ignite conversation and champion change.

Caroline graduated from the New School University and has worked in all facets of the industry from actor, producer, casting director, agent, screenwriter to director. Her experience lends itself to her thorough understanding of story, which has benefited her in directing content for brands that include S.Pellegrino, Under Armour and Meyer Natural Foods. Her most recent film LAMB is about the female assistants that led the victims to Weinstein’s hotel room. LAMB is a cautionary tale that encourages women to change the narrative from women sacrificing women to women championing women. Caroline is currently using her storytelling expertise at School of Humans to create and executive produce podcasts as IP for TV and films.

If you end up with the story you started with, you weren’t listening along the way… This is a quote Caroline adheres to in her work because she believes in the intuitive, creative process, which is not to control, but to allow a story to unfold. Caroline uses her grounded approach to holistic modalities like Psych-K, Reiki and Human Design in her creative process, which help sustain her in a competitive industry, but more importantly, enable her to tap into the truth with her work.

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