Dear catapult clients:

Welcome back to Catapult, we missed you!! We first want to say that we know these are uncertain and unprecedented times. As a studio, we want to assure you that we are taking your safety and that of our staff with the utmost seriousness and diligence. We are taking many precautions to ensure that our studio is safe place, and we ask that you partner with us in this effort by reading and agreeing to the following:



  • Every actor’s temperature will be taken upon entering. If anyone is running a slight fever they will be asked to wait to the side and retested after a few minutes. If anyone is running a fever of 100.4 or more, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment for a later date.
  • We ask that everyone in the studio common areas wear a mask. They are not required while working on camera.
  • Actors will sign a waiver including but not limited to the verbiage, “I have not tested positive or knowingly been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks. I am not showing any symptoms related to COVID-19.”
  • We will be refraining from personal contact between clients and employees, and, yes, that includes hi-fives and fist bumps.
  • It will be mandatory for every person who walks through our front door to immediately wash their hands (for a minimum of 20 seconds, please) or sanitize.
  • As a safety measure, we have invested into UV Air Purifiers and gallons of sanitizer, which will be placed throughout the studio.


  • Only those who currently have a session may enter the studio. Your entourage will have to wait outside! Parents/guardians with taping appointments will enter the studio with their child to sign the waiver and chat with the coach prior to the session, and if necessary, wait in the lobby during the session. However, we prefer that you wait in your car until the session is completed to minimize risk.
  • The staff member will direct you to your taping room. You will enter first and head to your mark 6 feet away from the camera, and then have a blast!
  • After the session, the staff member will escort clients to the front door, and we kindly ask that you make your way to your car so we can clean the studio for the next client.


  • All classes will be taking place either in Mavericks (upstairs), the warehouse or green outdoor space (weather permitting) for the time being.
  • Parents/guardians will enter the studio with their child to sign the waiver and may chat with the instructor prior to class as needed. We ask that you leave the studio during class, to minimize risk/the number of people in our space at one time.
  • Social distancing will be implemented where possible, including spacing chairs accordingly. 
  • No audits at this time, as we are limiting the number of people in the studio.
  • Students and staff will wear masks in class, with the possible exception of when they are doing scene work or being taped. (NOTE: We will be implementing this for the first few classes, but will reassess as weeks progress).
  • Classes taking place outside the covered space will not require mask wearing. Of course, you are welcome to continue to wear a mask if that is your preference!