• INSTRUCTOR: John D'Aquino
  • DATES: November 12 + 13
  • AGES: 10-16
  • WORKSHOP INVESTMENT: 1 Workshop: $195 | 2 Workshops: $340 | Super Day Pack(3 Workshops + Complimentary Lunch): $485
  • Capacity: 16 for Saturday workshops, 12 for Sunday Masterclass

John D’Aquino Workshop Series

John D’Aquino brings his 30+ years experience back to Catapult with THREE of his classic youth workshops + ONE MASTERCLASS, each designed to challenge actors in ways he/she hasn’t been challenged before. On Saturday, November 12th, John teaches How to Make Funny, Magic Rectangle, and Dynamic Disney + Nick. On Sunday, November 13th, John will teach his MASTERCLASS: Mastering the Audition. Full details below.



How To Make Funny

Ages: 10-16 | Saturday, NOV 12th | 9AM-11:30AM

This is John’s signature comedy course that he’s taught for Disney Channel where he introduces the concept of creating a math, to make people laugh! Students will practice one-liners, three step jokes, list building ideas and 180/misdirections. Learn how to create the set-up, follow with the reinforcement and land the reversal. Students will also learn how substituting simple punctuations can change everything in comedies. Get ready to have your funny bone tickled and acting craft activated while learning the essential components of great comedic performances.

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Magic Rectangle

Ages: 10-16 | Saturday, Nov 12th | 12PM-2:30PM

We are told that acting is best done “in the moment.” Yet, acting for the camera means that the moment must unfold within the eye of the camera or run the risk of not being seen. There’s not much value in a discovery that is not appreciated by an audience. This course will apply John’s Magic Rectangle technique to each scene, exploring the physical and emotional values available on the 4th Wall. John will then introduce his concept of the 5th Wall to enhance the experience.

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Dynamic Disney + Nick

Ages: 10-16 | Saturday, Nov 12th | 3PM-5:30PM

Disney and Nickelodeon have some of their best writers create test scenes that basically throw in “the kitchen sink”! In their own words, they’re looking for actors who can make the turns. Making the turn is when actors can locate the “funny” and deliver it in a way that is not only funny, but puts their own DNA spin on it.
They’re also looking for “aspirational kids” – kids that other kids would want to emulate. This challenges the actor to show off their skills in identifying the jokes, locating misdirections (the 180) and finding subtle and quirky ways to deliver them.
John has literally worked hundreds of these types of scenes in Los Angeles and around the country. There are essential formulas involved in the structure, and when a gifted actor instills their own DNA into the equation, magic can happen. This course will help actors identify the joke that the writers intended. Be prepared to have fun and learn how to climb the three-step comedic ladder (triplet), vocal manipulation, discoveries, dynamic entries and exits and more!

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MASTERCLASS: Mastering the Audition

Ages: 10-16 | Sunday, Nov 13th | 10:00am

Working actors are continually working their craft from the audition to the performance. Having a strong audition technique not only increases call-backs, but sends a message that you are professional and reliable. Directors want to know that an actor can deliver under the pressures of working on set.  This course reinforces essential auditioning skills from the way you enter the room and slate to your ability to deliver commanding performances for the camera. Learn about the audition process from script analysis to character breakdowns, and the moment before. The unfolding moment will increase your opportunities for re-directs in the room as well as callbacks.

*Prereq: Direct referral or a minimum of two classes taken with John previously. Saturday sessions of the same weekend will qualify as classes (if you are a more advanced actor and would like to take this session, you can also reach out to us directly at info@catapultacting.com ).

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Masterclass Session 1 : Ages 10-16 | NOV 13th | 10AM – 2:30pm


Meet your instructor:


John D'Aquino

LA Actor + Master Coach

Veteran actor and master teacher John D’Aquino (Cory in the House, NCIS, Dexter, Shake it Up, CSI, Hannah Montana, Seinfeld) founded John D’Aquino’s YAW in 2006. His love for performing is surpassed only by his love for teaching, a love inspired by his mentor, teacher and friend, Charles Nelson Reilly, who instilled in his students a passion for helping actors create dynamic performances by reaching deep into the human spirit. John has helped several of his clients find success in projects such as All That, Legion, Austin and Ally, Just Add Magic, BUNK’D, The Minuteman, Fuller House, Bizaardvark, Splitting Up Together, General Hospital, Andi Mack, Kickin It, Lethal Weapon, Jessie and many more.


Catapult Acting, LLC has a 24 hour grace period in which clients can cancel their registration and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, a 10% cancellation fee will apply to all registrations. If the client chooses to cancel 15-21 days before the event, a 50% refund will be issued. If the registration is cancelled within 14 days of the event, 100% of the payment will be forfeited. PLEASE NOTE: There are no refunds for missed, dropped or cancelled classes; should your schedule change once registered and within the cancellation policy.

In the event that “Shelter in Place” or another quarantine situation should take place, workshops + classes will continue virtually via Zoom. The cancellation policy above will still apply.