• INSTRUCTOR: John D'Aquino
  • DATES: Feb 29 + Mar 1
  • AGES: 8-16
  • WORKSHOP INVESTMENT: 1 Workshop: $195 | 2 Workshops: $340 | Super Day Pack: $510
  • Capacity: 16 for Saturday workshops, 12 for Sunday Masterclass

John D’Aquino Workshop

John D’Aquino brings his 30+ years experience back to Catapult with THREE of his classic youth workshops + ONE NEW MASTERCLASS, each designed to challenge actors in ways he/she hasn’t been challenged before. On Saturday, February 29th, John teaches Mastering The Disney/Nick Test Scene, Becoming the Character, Book the Part!, + Take The Note!. On Sunday, March 1st, John will introduce a NEW MASTERCLASS: The Unfolding Moment. Full details below.



Mastering The Disney/Nick Test Scene

Ages: 8-16 | Saturday, February 29TH | 9AM-11:30AM

Disney and Nickelodeon have some of their best writers create test scenes that are to discover actors with specific skill sets! In their own words, they’re looking for actors who can “make the turns”. That’s their way of saying, actors who can locate and execute what is funny AND put their own spin on it. They’re also looking for “aspirational kids” – kids that other kids would want to emulate. These test scenes challenge actors to show off their skills in identifying the jokes, locating misdirections/180s and finding unique ways to deliver them. There are essential formulas involved in the structure, but when a gifted actor instills their own DNA into the equation, magic can happen.  John has worked on hundreds of these types of scenes in Los Angeles and around the country, so come prepared to have fun!!!

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Becoming the Character, Book the Part!

Ages: 8-16 | Saturday, February 29TH | 12PM-2:30PM

Casting Directors want to see you in your character, and so does the CAMERA! 

The camera craves authenticity. Don’t try lying to it. It wants to see you and hear your voice. The challenge is that the dialogue in a script are words written by other people. Too often, the lines don’t sound like your own words. You must bring your own personality into the dialogue, making it sound truthful. As you bring yourself to a role, you’re becoming “one” with the character, which leads to more bookings! John’s 5 simple exercises for making the scene your own will change the way you learn lines and how you perform them!


Sold out. please join the waitlist!

Please join the waitlist below. Those on the waitlist will be notified of any cancellations in the order they were added to the waitlist.


Take The Note!

Ages: 8-16 | Saturday, February 29TH | 3PM-5:30PM

If an actor is lucky enough to get a note from casting or a director, they must consider it a gift and know what to do with it! John delivers his top tips for making your auditions more dynamic, helping students raise their game and make the callback list! Students will memorize a scene in advance then tape the first read in class. Then, actors will receive notes and make the necessary changes to the scene. They will then re-tape the scene, and see how many notes they were able to successfully implement. Actors will discover what they are doing well and what they need to improve on for consistent + compelling auditions!

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MASTERCLASS: The Unfolding Moment

Ages: 8-16 | Sunday, March 1ST | 10AM-1PM

Life is not predictable. Nor should your acting be! Most actors memorize their dialogue so much that their delivery begins to sound lifeless and robotic. This class will establish the difference between anticipating the next moment in your performance versus allowing for the organic moments to unfold. Students will receive a scene in advance and memorize their dialogue. Upon arriving to class, students will work with their partners and prepare to perform the scene before the whole class. John will reveal his secrets for an exciting, in-the-moment performance with an ever-changing destination. The entire performance will be on tape. Get ready to expand your understanding of performance while having a lot of fun!

*Prereq: a minimum of two classes taken with John previously required for students to take this course. Saturday sessions of the same weekend will qualify as classes.

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Meet your instructor:


John D'AQuino

LA Actor + Master Coach

Veteran actor and master teacher John D’Aquino (Cory in the House, NCIS, Dexter, Shake it Up, CSI, Hannah Montana, Seinfeld) founded John D’Aquino’s YAW in 2006. His love for performing is surpassed only by his love for teaching, a love inspired by his mentor, teacher and friend, Charles Nelson Reilly, who instilled in his students a passion for helping actors create dynamic performances by reaching deep into the human spirit.  John has helped several of his clients find success in projects such as All That, Legion, Austin and Ally, Just Add Magic, BUNK’D, The Minuteman, Fuller House, Bizaardvark, Splitting Up Together, General Hospital, Andi Mack, Kickin It, Lethal Weapon, Jessie and many more.


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