• INSTRUCTOR: Erik Lingvall
  • DATES: Oct 20
  • TIMES: 3pm-6pm
  • AGES: 8-16
  • INVESTMENT: $179


“What can an actor do to increase their chances of booking?” Actors are constantly asking this question. Doing what they think they want to see is not necessarily the answer. Catapult owner and coach, Erik Lingvall, does believe there are things actors can do to energetically shift the feeling or “vibe” in the room. Erik’s approach helps actors increase chances of booking, but more importantly it will increase their chances of enjoying the journey!

While it might seem simple, Erik’s most common response to the aforementioned question is to simply: have fun, do your best, and forget the rest. Erik truly believes that the key to winning the room is to first win in your mind.

And the best way to create a winning mindset, is to start with a mindset of positivity. Erik tells his actors this – “KNOW that you’ve got it. KNOW that fun will be had!”

So how can the actor consistently create the “Good Vibes” needed to win the room? That’s exactly the question going to be answered in this workshop!



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Course Objectives

  • Practicing consistency & repetition
  • Caring less, being more
  • Priming your brain
  • The psychological benefits of smiling & laughter
  • Tricking your brain until it believes you
  • The power of affirmations
  • Creating positivity through visualization & meditation
  • Takeaways from Erik’s most successful actors

Erik Lingvall

Acting Coach

Backstage.com contributor and winner of the 2015 Readers’ Choice for Atlanta’s Favorite Acting Coach, Erik Lingvall brings with him over 15 years of experience guiding and training talent, throughout the country. As the founder of Catapult Acting Studios, Erik has established himself as one of the go-to coaches for tv/film actors in the Southeast. Originally from California, Erik currently resides in Atlanta, with his wife Jennifer and baby girl Venice. He is dedicated to guiding & connecting his clients to the right people & right path, always reminding his them to enjoy the process as much as the product at the end. Erik’s motto: “Professional training, designed to create better people.”   Below are a few of the projects Erik’s clients can be seen in projects like: The Walking Dead, Manhunt: Unabomber, Modern Family, Disney’s Bunk’d, Dog with a Blog & Kickin’ It, FOX’s The Gifted, Nashville, The Hate U Give, Maze Runner, Noah, Daddy’s Home, The Big Short, Terminator Genisys, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and  many more.