Building a Backstory Part 3: Character Realities

What is your character’s world like?

Catapult coach, Joe Massingill, is back with the third step in the Script Analysis process when building a concrete backstory. Now that the themes are solidified, and you’ve asked the necessary questions about the piece, it’s time to identify the socioeconomic, geographic, and political realities your character faces in the script.

Having a clear concept of the world your character is in will highly impact your performance. For example, if the piece takes place in the 1950’s in a lower-class family, your character’s ideals, actions, and even their clothes will all be completely different than a script that takes place in modern-day 2019 in the same lower-class family. These rules also apply to anything set in the future or any other decade/dimension. What is the world like? How has technology advanced or declined and what has that impact done to society? Who is in power—if there is a political leader? Each of these questions (among many more) will have a major affect on what choices you, as your character, will make.


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